puremoov is specialized in full service concerning charging infrastructure for electric vehicles – all “Made in Germany”. Using the technology by ParkPod GmbH, we are successfully developing and running solutions in the area of e mobility for several years now. Together, we emerged to one of the leading providers in this field.

As a ONE-STOP-SHOP, puremoov offers the complete portfolio needed when it comes to charging-infrastructure.

Especially now, at the beginning of the area of e-mobility, our customers expect individual consulting and customized solutions that nevertheless are able to be integrated in our open charging-network. We secure those solutions to not only meet current standards but to also be open for future norms. The base for this is:

High-end charging-stations:

For our own charging-stations, we only use high-tech components. With this, we secure quality and compatibility. By using our own software, our charging-stations get smart. The special thing about it: Both, components and software are compatible with potential changes in norms & regulations.

Open charging-network:

Our open charging network gives the possibility to integrate all participants in e-mobility: drivers, energy suppliers, municipal administrations, network provider and even producers of other charging stations. By this, we help to make charging vehicles as simple and independent as using an ATM.


Pure excitement for E-Mobility:

Charging E-Vehicles with

Hotels with our charging solutions:     Hilton, Mariott & InterContinental

Hotel chains are major customers of puremoov. As service oriented companies they soon recognized the added value of not only positioning themselves as eco-friendly but of also providing a true competitive advantage to their guests: the possibility of charging rented or own electric vehicles – directly at the hotel and with low costs!

Charging networks with own branding:

Cambio CarSharing & City of Karlsruhe

Many of our clients want their charging-network to be customized according to their brand and design. We are prepared for that. We do not only offer our charging-stations in the desired design, we also provide web-portals fitted to the needs of our partners. Customers are free to choose whether to manage their network by themselves or to use our “Full Service” package.

direct: +49-89-5130 5334